Bille, dir. Ināra Kolmane, 100′, Latvia/Lithuania/Czech Republic, 2018

A family film based on the book “Bille” by Vizma Belševica. This is a sorrowful but life-affirming and witty story, full of hope. It shows the process of maturing of a child and her attempts to come to terms with the world in late 1930s Latvia. Bille lives in a world where the poor have their streets and the rich have theirs. She has learned to cope with poverty but is deprived of her mother’s love; relatives take care of Bille but keep reminding her regularly that she is a good-for-nothing who won’t achieve much in her life…. This hurts Bille, but the girl has a dream – to prove herself and break loose from the bondage of feeling inferior. Bille’s personal growth passes through complex and tragic stages of Latvian history. The actual Bille – Belševica herself – managed to find her way in life. Dreams can come true.

National Premiere 20.04.2018, Riga, Splendid Palace

Scriptwriters Evita Sniedze, Arvis Kolmanis
Cinematographer Jurģis Kmins
Production Designer Ieva Romanova
Main Cast Rūta Kronberga, Elīna Vāne, Artūrs Skrastiņš, Guna Zariņa
Producers Jānis Juhņevičs, Marta Romanova

Production Company
Film Studio Deviņi
Šmerļa street 3-326, Rīga LV 1006, Latvija
Phone: +371 67241688

In Co-production with Magic Lab (Czech Republic), Master Film (Czech Republic), Studija 2 (Lithuania)

Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia
State Culture Capital Foundation
Lithuanian Film Centre