Before The Day Breaks (Saule brauca debesīs), dir. Roze Stiebra, 75′, Latvia, 2018

Sun and Moon have a baby born, and mummers arrive to welcome the daughter of the Sun. Amid the joyous crowds, no one notices that the child of the Sun has disappeared, and everyone is suddenly stunned to see an empty cradle. However strong the mother Sun and the father Moon are, they cannot find their daughter nor bring her back home. It turns out they need a human being! Thus Nabašnieks, a little girl and her small brother, who have been mummers only a while ago, volunteer to help and go out into the big, wide world to find the daughter of the Sun and bring her home. They have only three days – if the daughter of the Sun is not found within that time, she will lose all her powers and become an ordinary girl like all other girls. An exciting story full of adventures follows, during which all the characters must prove their courage, wit, exceptional endurance and helpfulness. The end is certainly happy!

Before The Day Breaks

National premiere 15.11.2018

Scriptwriter Roze Stiebra
Production Designer Ilze Vītoliņa
Original Music Juris Kaukulis
Producers Roberts Vinovskis

Production Company
Locomotive Productions
Bruņinieku street 28–57, Rīga LV 1011, Latvija
Phone: +371 2929 8667

Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia