Bridges of Time (Laika tilti), dir. Kristīne Briede, Audrius Stonys, 80′, Latvia/Lithuania/Estonia, 2018

In the beginning of 60ties behind the Iron Wall a new generation of filmmakers in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia challenged the Soviet dogma of propaganda newsreels and turned documentary filmmaking into a form of Art. They explored metaphor, promoted associative thinking, balanced facts and images in an earlier unseen and groundbreaking visual language – all that was and is called Poetic cinema.
Half a century later we try to build bridges of time and detect how the old masters were thinking and how they managed – in the midst of that vast Soviet Solaris Ocean – to put a Human in the focus and search for the answers to the Eternal questions – the ones that every generation has to answer anew…

Laika tilti


World Premiere July 2018, Karlovy Vary IFF (Czech Republic)
National Premiere September 2018

Scriptwriters Kristīne Briede, Ramune Rakauskaite, Arunas Matelis, Riho Västrik
Cinematographers Valdis Celmiņš, Audrius Kemežys
Editors Kostas Radlinskas, Andra Doršs
Producer Uldis Cekulis

Production Company
VFS Films
Lapu street 17, Rīga LV 1002, Latvija
Phone: +371 6750 3588

In Co-production with Studio Nominum (Lithuania), Vesilind (Estonia)

Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia