The license - permission to use films or audiovisual works - can be issued by the authors of the audiovisual works or the representatives of the authors.
To agree on the use of an audiovisual work, we recommend that you contact the Copyright and Communication Consulting Agency/ Latvian Authors Association ( 

On behalf of the state, the National Film Centre of Latvia represents the related rights of films produced in the film studio "Trīs":


  1. EVE’S GARDEN OF PARADISE (1990, dir. Arvīds Krievs)
  2. MAIJA AND PAIJA (1990, dir. Gunārs Piesis)
  3. THE CHILD OF MAN (1991, dir. Jānis Streičs)
  4. THE INDRANS (1991, dir. Gunārs Cilinskis)
  5. PĒTERIS VASKS (1992, dir. Tālivaldis Margēvičs)
  6. KNUTS SKUJENIEKS (1992, dir. Tālivaldis Margēvičs)
  7. JĀNIS STRADIŅŠ (1992, dir. Tālivaldis Margēvičs)
  8. JĀNIS PUJĀTS (1992, dir. Tālivaldis Margēvičs)
  9. MARITIME CLIMATE (1974-1992, dir. Rolands Kalniņš)
  10. THE NEST (1995, dir. Aivars Freimanis)
  11. WELCOME HOME! (1999, dir. Biruta Veldre)
  12. ETERNAL FAUST (1999, dir. Rolands Kalniņš)
  13. MY BROTHER (2002, dir. Biruta Veldre)
  14. GOOD-BYE, 20TH CENTURY! (2005, dir. Uldis Brauns)

A license agreement for the use of the above-listed films is concluded with the National Film Centre, the service costs are determined in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 858 “Price list of public paid services of the National Film Centre of Latvia”.