Coming of Age (Pieaugšana), dir. Ivars Seleckis, Armands Začs, 100’, Latvia

Five children started school in different parts of Latvia in 2015 and we followed them through their first schoolyear in the 2018 documentary “To be continued”. Now 14 years old, they are halfway to adulthood. Some have matured, some seem to be still lingering in childhood. Zane has traded her dream of a singing career for her passion for the basketball. Gleb fights in the boxing ring and puts his business talent to good use by selling rulers in class. Anastasia from Stoļerova in the Rezekne region rides horses and learns not to give up. Anete's mother has returned from England and they are now living in Riga and Anete now has a little brother. Kārlis, from Vidzeme, is still fascinated by tractors but now sows fields in a virtual computer game.


To be released Autumn 2024

Scriptwriter Ivars Seleckis, Armands Začs
Cinematographer Valdis Celmiņš
Production Company Mistrus Media
Producer Elīna Gediņa-Ducena, Gints Grūbe

Supported by
Latvian National Film Center in cooperation with  European Regional Development Fund, 
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