Dir. Uģis Olte, 85′, Latvia, to be released in 2021

The Meander

Andrejs is an adventure guide who is afraid of real adventures. But that’s what he gets when his sister, an influencer, goes missing in the valley of a wild river, together with a vegan sausage advertising crew. Facing ancient forces of nature, Andrejs’ deepest anxieties awaken as he engages in a futile search that pushes his body and mind to the extreme. During his journey, the young man will meet locals such as a silent cabbage fermenter and a weird brotherhood of hunters who speak a language totally of their own. They are the protectors of a wondrous natural phenomena, haunting and beautiful at the same time. Andrejs doesn’t know that every path in this strange forest leads exactly to the thing you are looking for - but to find it, you must first get lost.

Skriptwriter Uģis Olte
Story by Uģis Olte, Bojana Babič & Lucas Abrahão
Cinematographer Valdis Celmiņš
Production Designers Jānis Kalniņš, Lāsma Olte
Sound Designer Artis Dukaļskis
Original Music Reinis Sējāns
Editor Gatis Belogrudovs
Costume Designer Jurate Silakaktiņa
Makeup Artist Maija Gundare
Visual Effects Nauris Ašenkampfs, Aigars Gercāns, Uģis Olte
Main Cast Igors Šelegovskis, Inga Tropa, Rihards Sniegs, Elvita Ragovska, Reinis Boters, Morten Traavik
Producers Uldis Cekulis, Raitis Ābele
Production Company VFS Films
Cinema Distributor for Latvia Spektrs

Supported by
State Culture Capital Foundation

Production Company 
VFS Films
Phone: +371 6750 3588
E-mail: vfs@vfs.lv