Aik Karapetian preps ‘Firstborn’

Writer – director Aik Karapetian continues to work on genres not typical for the Latvian cinema and starts preparing a new feature length thriller. 

After the successful horror picture “The Man in the Orange Jacket” Karapetian is preparing a thriller called “Firstborn” (Pirmdzimtais). “Firstborn”, again produced by Locomotive Productions, will be a feature length thriller focusing on a troubled marriage. Francis’s relationship with his wife Katrina could be happy if not for their inability to have children. A younger man, who at first harasses the couple, will challenge Francis’s trust in his wife.

Lokomotive Productions is producing. The National Film Centre of Latvia granted the project 208,000 EUR for the first phase of shooting. The complete budget is still not settled.

Production Company:
Locomotive Productions
Bruņiniekuiela 28–57,
Rīga LV 1011, Latvia
Tel: 2929 8667

Director Aik Karapetian
Script Aik Karapetian
Cinematographer Jānis Eglītis
Producer Roberts Vinovskis