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A coalition of the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is highlighted as “Countries in Focus” at the European Film Market of the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival (16.-26.02.2023). It will be the first time that several countries have joined forces since the “Country in Focus” programme was established in 2017.

The "Country in Focus" initiative offers the film industry of the Baltic countries a special platform and their filmmakers the opportunity to introduce themselves in greater depth and to highlight certain aspects of their activities. “Baltic Countries in Focus” at the EFM is an important global showcase for Baltic creators that will enable Baltic content to reach new audiences and will create new export opportunities for its industry. The “Baltic Countries in Focus” programme will present Baltic filmmakers and filmmaking from various aspects. It will provide opportunities to network with Baltic producers, distributors, entrepreneurs and financiers as well as creative talents, and to explore recent films and media content from this Northern European region that shares cultural aspects, while at the same time each country draws on its very own history and advantages.

“In the history of the Berlinale, films from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have consistently added interesting perspectives to the Berlinale programme. The three Baltic countries have consolidated their individual strengths by joining forces and thus have set a great example in Europe and beyond. Especially in times of increased collaboration, artists and industry professionals alike can learn from the innovative and collaborative Baltic approaches to culture,” says Mariette Rissenbeek, Executive Director of the Berlinale.

“The Baltic countries themselves might be small in size, but rich and extensive in business opportunities for the film and media industries. They surprise us with their multifaceted film history and recent films and international co-productions on the one hand and with diverse shooting locations and state-of-the-art studio infrastructure on the other. That’s why we see a great opportunity for the future in getting to know these countries better, and we look forward very much to putting them into the spotlight at the next edition of the European Film Market,” EFM director Dennis Ruh comments.

“We are thrilled that the cooperation of the film industries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia has entered a new dimension. The fact that the three Baltic States will be focus countries of the EFM 2023 is a significant event with great potential for the Latvian film industry as well. We hope to attract new cooperation partners by demonstrating the cinematic power of the three Baltic States,” adds Dita Rietuma, Director of the National Film Centre of Latvia.

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