To help Ukrainian refugees to make a temporary life in Latvia and quickly find a job in their profession, the National Film Centre of Latvia (NFCL) aggregates information on jobs and short-term job opportunities in the film industry. Several biggest production companies have already responded, and the NFCL continues to look for more job opportunities.

The NFCL develops targeted and prompt assistance to refugees from Ukraine by gathering information on job opportunities in film companies, on filming locations and elsewhere in the film industry that can be offered to fellow Ukrainian filmmakers who have arrived as refugees and seek permanent or temporary employment in person or remotely. Some biggest production companies that have several film projects in production at the same time (Ego Media, Mistrus Media, VFS Films and others), have already responded to the call. There are many offers for animators with various types of skills (Atom Art, Rija Films, Dream Well Studio and others). It is equally possible to work remotely in animation, and with the advent of spring and summer, there will be more full-time job opportunities on feature film locations. Film and audio-visual production companies also offer work to other film professions - editors, still photographers, dubbing actors, colour correction specialists etc.

Aggregated information on jobs available in the film industry can be found on the NFCL's website, and it is updated and disseminated on all major refugee assistance platforms. At the same time, the NFCL is looking for other ways to reach those in need of such targeted assistance. Similar initiatives are being implemented in Lithuania and Estonia, and cross-border co-operation is possible in the near future.

It is worth to note that the Latvian film industry helps not only filmmakers, but also other Ukrainian refugees who have arrived in Latvia. Thanks to the response of Latvian filmmakers and producers, a programme of animated films of about eight hours has been compiled and is screened free of charge in refugee assistance centres in Riga.


For more information contact:

Kristīne Matīsa,
Senior Information Officer
of the National Film Centre of Latvia