Festivals International Premiere

For the first time, a Latvian film has been selected for the "Europe! Voices of Women in Film" programme, which is being screened at the Sydney International Film Festival to introduce Australian film-goers and professionals to the achievements of European cinema. The selection of six films includes the feature film "Postcard from Rome" by the Latvian director Elza Gauja.

In Australia's largest city, Sydney, the International Sydney Film Festival (SFF) starts on June 5. This is the 71st edition of the festival and this year it will screen more than 200 films in 12 cinemas in 12 days. For the 9th year, the organisation European Film Promotion (EFP) has been cooperating with SFF, which offers the European film programme Voices of Women in Film to the attention of Australian film-goers, professionals and media. A programme is taking a stand for gender equality and diversity in the film industry, by highlighting the outstanding work of European women directors. This year, the programme, the final selection of which has been determined by experts at the SFF, includes six films - "... From touching Latvian comedy to surreal Belgian horror and stunning Sami storytelling," said SFF Director Nashen Moodley.

Director Elza Gauja says: "First of all, it is a great pleasure that the film can meet its viewers not only in Latvia, but now also in the world, and even on another continent across the seas and oceans. When we discussed with directors whose films were also selected for the this program, an interesting trend occurred – the stories of all directors revolve around children, teenagers or seniors, and all directors have treated their film actors or documentary characters with great empathy and care. It's nice to hear that films are more often in healthy conditions and with joy and not it agony."

A postcard from Rome is the second feature fiction film by director Elza Gauja. With its premiere on 11 January, a film became the first Latvian film premiered in the year 2024 and rapidly gained great popularity throughout Latvia, and in February received the national film award Lielais Kristaps as the best feature film.

At the Sydney Film Festival, a film will have its Australian premiere and will be screened on Thursday, 6 June, and Sunday, 16 June.

The European Film Promotion (EFP), which brings together 37 members, works purposefully to draw the world's attention to European films by regularly organising various initiatives and long-term cooperation projects at world film festivals and film markets, introducing the world's film industry professionals and media to the diversity and excellence of European cinema. At EFP Latvia is represented by the National Film Centre of Latvia, and regularly participates in other EFP initiatives – Producers on the Move at Cannes Festival, European Shooting Stars at Berlinale, Future Frames at Karlovy Vary Festival, etc.