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Riga IFF 2022

The Riga International Film Festival (RIGA IFF), which is returning this autumn for the ninth time with an extensive film programme and a range of industry events, is announcing this year's theme and visual identity. The festival will take place from 13 to 23 October and will offer its audiences a diverse and high-quality cinematic experience.

The programme includes six competitions and will be shown in over 100 screenings in Riga and throughout Latvia (both in person and online). The festival will also feature a programme of events organised in collaboration with Kyiv Critics' Week that will include a selection of contemporary Ukrainian cinema and an international panel discussion series on post-colonialism in the media space.

This year, RIGA IFF has chosen to base it's its visual identity around a line from a poem by the controversial and sometimes shocking, but undeniably brilliant director and writer Pier Paolo Pasolini, who is the focus of the festival's retrospective programme: "The sweet chaos of daily good and evil". 

This message is also reflected in the visual identity that the festival's designers have created. The visuals are anchored by a variation on the familiar festival typeface that is surrounded by various seemingly recognisable, yet abstract shapes that blend dreaming and wakefulness, warmth and cold, comfort and provocation.

RIGA IFF Festival Director Liene Treimane explains this year’s theme: "The ordinary is infused with meaning when it fades before something extraordinary. Days of great loss, apocalyptic fear, and intense hope alternate with days where you can take quiet pleasure in the beauty of everyday matters, previously overlooked. The need to structure the glorious chaos of life, to order it into good, bad, beautiful, and ugly is a never-ending exercise in perception. It is these attempts at consciousness that cinema seeks to tame and archive, to analyse and assemble into a rhythm." 

The first insight into the program is available here: https://www.rigaiff.lv 

Full festival programme will be announced gradually throughout the summer!