Breakthrough. Konstantins Raudive (Izlaušanās. Neredzamais kļūst dzirdams), dir. Andis Mizišs, 70′, Latvia

Konstantin Raudive’s fascinating life and creative works allow us to trace the dramatic process in the history of 20th century Europe and Latvia, the search for the fundamental values of humanism in European society, from criticism of authoritarianism to the individual’s right to liberty, ending with centuries of succession in Catholicism and even experiments in parapsychology.

In youth, led by creative search, he leaves the theological seminary and focuses on cultural philosophy. Travels and studies at European universities, where he meets prominent personalities. Returning to Latvia, he becomes an ambassador of Spanish literature and culture.

During the war, writer, publicist and philosopher Raudive was forced to leave Latvia. Together with his wife Zenta Maurina, he lives in exile in Sweden, Germany and continues creative work. Refuses to return to homeland because of the communist regime. In the last decade of his life has focused on parapsychology and received international attention through experiments with Electronic Voice Phenomena.

Breakthrough. Konstantins Raudive

Scriptwriter Andis Mizišs, Bruno Aščuks
Cinematographer Andrejs Verhoustinskis
Sound Director Ģirts Bišs
Original Music Ģirts Bišs
Producer Bruno Aščuks
Production Company Studio CENTRUMS

Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia
State Culture Capital Foundation

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