Christmas in the Jungle (Ziemassvētki džungļos), dir. Jaak Kilmi, 100′, Latvia/Estonia, 2021

Moving from Latvia to exotic Indonesia has proven to be quite a challenge for Paula’s (10) family. Her Mother has a hard time adapting to the country. Her sister, Kate (14), is entering puberty, and her Father’s workaholic nature is causing tension in the family. Luckily, the local boy Akhim (12) offers a ray of hope by telling Paula about special Shaman living in the jungle, who has a superpower to bring Christmas everywhere. That must be Santa Claus himself! Kids join on a joyful adventure to find Christmas in the Jungle!

Christmas in the Jungle

International Premiere December 1, 2020 (Estonia)

Scriptwriters Lote Eglīte, Jaak Kilmi
Cinematographer Aigars Sērmukšs
Production Designer Katrina Siplegas
Original Music Kārlis Auzāns
Producer Roberts Vinovskis
Production Company Studio Locomotive
In Co-Production with Stellar Film (Estonia)
World Sales Eyewell

Studio Locomotive
Bruņinieku street 28-57, Rīga, LV-1011
Phone: +371 29298667

Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia
Estonian Film Institute
Cultural Endowment of Estonia