The Despair (Izmisums), dir. Kārlis Lesiņš, 75′, Latvia, 2020

Gatis (29) has had a streak of bad luck lately – he gets fired, his girlfriend leaves him, and he’s starting to experience health problems. As a result, he’s forced to move back into his childhood home in the countryside. There, in the small village, he meets the beautiful Mia and gets involved with a cult-like commune, led by a charming shaman. His return home starts to become a strange therapy session, which Gatis can’t really control. Imagination and reality become entangled, causing a chain of events from which there is no going back…

The Despair

National Premiere 2020

Scriptwriter Kārlis Lesiņš
Cinematographers Mārtiņš Jurevics
Original Music Edvards Broders
Editor Oskars Morozs, Toms Krauklis
Producers Kristīne Āboliņa, Dominiks Jarmakovičs, Lelde Prūse
Production Company Red Dot Media, Woodpecker Pictures

Distributor Spektrs

Supported by
State Culture Capital Foundation