Escape Net (Lācis un Cālis. TTT leģendas dzimšana), dir. Dzintars Dreibergs, 90’, Latvia

How to screw over the USSR by playing basketball. A girl from Riga in the Stalinist era hopes to escape from the USSR by playing basketball and reunite with her refugee brother. Her dedication and love for the game move the entire Latvian nation and lead to the creation of the most dominant women’s basketball team in European history. When she finally sees a chance to escape, her decision to break free turns out to be a tougher choice than she had expected, as she feels torn between her love for her brother and her love for her nation. Based on a true story.

Escape Net

Scriptwriter Signe Birkova
Cinematographer Mārtiņš Jurevics
Production Designer Mārtiņš Straupe
Scriptwriters Ligita Lukstraupe, Dzintars Dreibergs
Cinematographer Valdis Celmiņš
Production Designer Laura Dišlere
Original Music Lolita Ritmanis
Producers Inga Praņevska, Marta Romanova-Jēkabsone, Dzintars Dreibergs
Production Company KULTFILMA

Supported by
React EU
Creative Europe MEDIA

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