Homo Sovieticus (Homo Sovieticus), dir. Ivo Briedis, 70′, Latvia, 2021

In January 1991 the OMON militsiya units tried to squash the Baltic independence aspirations in Vilnius and Riga; an attempted coup took place in August. Before that, the Berlin Wall had fallen and a social revolution had started in the USSR and Eastern Europe. A few weeks after the Vilnius events the Central Television of the USSR brought together teenagers from the 15 Republics for a talk show hosted by the Cold War era TV star Vladimir Posner to attempt a diagnosis of what was taking place in the collapsing state. 25 years later these young people find each other and meet up in Vilnius. They seek out Vladimir Posner, make their re-acquaintance and try to restage the show featuring the same people from the former USSR at the same place – the Moscow television studio.

Released 2021

Scriptwriter Gints Grūbe, Rita Ruduša
Cinematographer Andrejs Verhoustinskis
Producers Gints Grūbe, Elīna Gediņa-Ducena

Production Company
Mistrus Media
Blaumaņa street 11/13–13, Rīga LV1011, Latvia
Phone: +371 6731 3314
E-mail: birojs@mistrusmedia.lv

Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia