Ilmars Blumbergs (Ilmārs Blumbergs), dir. Dzintra Geka, 56′, Latvia/Spain/Russia/Italy, 2019

The story of the secret of self-creativity, the loneliness of the soul, the meridians of consciousness and the scope of man. Ilmārs Blumbergs (1943-2016) is a concept in life than can be classically proven if we analyse his work in set design, poster art, painting and multimedia work.  The personality of Blumbergs, however is a shifting and intangible material which ensures superior value, wonderfulness and intimacy to all that he created.  Those who analyse his art and world perceptions, recognise the work as seeming to come from antiquity, but it can never be catalogued or recorded in bookkeeping.  How fortunate that it also cannot be consumed.

Ilmars Blumbergs

National Premiere May, 2019

Co-author Gundega Repše
Cinematographer Aivars Lubānietis, Viktors Gribermans
Original Music Pēteris Vasks, Erkki Salmenhaara, Helena Tulve, Platons Buravickis
Editor Armands Zvirbulis, Sergejs Usanovs
Producer Dzintra Geka
Production Company Studio SB

Supported by
State Culture Capital Foundation
ALFOR Novomatic group of companies

Graudu street 41a, Riga, Latvia
Phone: +371 29273016