Lame-o’s (Tizlenes), dir. Marta Elīna Martinsone, 100′, Latvia, 2021

It’s year 1999, the Millenium celebration is approaching. Three ninthgraders Sarmite, Sveta and Katrina are tired of being bullied, being laughed at in P.E. and getting into trouble with teachers, school-mates and parents. They decide to change their lives and become the most popular girls in school till the ninth grade prom. Drawing inspiration from Hollywood movies and TV series, friends make a plan – the only way to achieve that is to get the class’ coolest guys as their prom dates. However, their absurd and fantasy-inspired plans don’t work and almost destroy a real friendship. Sarmite suddenly becomes friends with the most popular girl in the class – Ieva and enters the “stylish gang”, getting into a fight with her friends. And even the usually bullying “cool guy” Maris starts being nice to Sarmite. So the plan is working, and maybe Maris will even ask Sarmite to prom? After Ieva’s birthday party at a sauna Sarmite sees the price you have to pay for being popular and understands the value of true friendship. Sarmite, Sveta and Katrina make up and decide that boys can’t define their self-worth and that pretending to be something you’re not does not bring happiness or popularity. Even if others think they are the “lame-o’s”, at least they’re being true to themselves.


Scriptwriter Marta Elīna Martinsone
Cinematographer Aigars Sērmukšs
Production Designer Aivars Žukovskis
Editor Madara Didrihsone
Producer Guntis Trekteris

Production Company
Ego Media
Baznīcas street 8-3, Rīga LV 1010, Latvija
Phone: +371 6729 1720

Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia
State Culture Capital Foundation