Latvian Coyote (Valkātājs), dir. Ivars Zviedris, 90’, Latvia, 2019

This is a story about a man in his thirties facing a crisis as he struggles to earn his living. He lives in a small village near the border between Latvia and Russia, he has no education, no prospects for a decent job, and has become a smuggler. Over the last years, the main item of contraband has become people, most of whom are Vietnamese. The film follows the intriguing story of the smuggler and portrays the border town, which has its own unique character.

Latvian Coyote

National Premiere December 1, 2019

Scriptwriter Ivars Zviedris
Cinematographer Ivars Zviedris
Editor Līga Pipare
Producer Marta Bite

Production Company
Studio Dokumentālists
Jaunciema 5. līnija 16A, Rīga LV-1023, Latvia
Phone: +371 29411202

Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia