Looking for Mr. Dice (Meklējot Mr. Kauliņu), dir. Kaspars Roga, Sandijs Semjonovs, 95′, Latvia, 2019

Latvian financier and banker (Mr. Dice) loses everything due to a shady deed and has to immigrate to Africa, Sierra Leone – a country where, at some point, he has invested in market research. Upon arrival in Freetown he realizes that he is broke and has to start everything from scratch. After a decade Dice’s friend Roga decides to make a movie about the ambiguous time in friend’s life and offers Dice to visit once again the diamond mine to which both have gone to find the big diamond ten years ago. The story line follows the memories of Dice and the bumpy ride to the great success in diamond business. It is a story about friendship, betrayal, money and love, and tells about those who were left behind in Latvia however close to him – friends, wives, lovers and family.

National Premiere May 8, 2019

Scriptwriters Kaspars Roga, Sandijs Semjonovs, Audinga Kučinskaite
Cinematographer Edgars Dubrovskis
Producer Undīne Buka

Production Company
Skuba Films
Mārupes street 8b-15, Rīga LV-1002, Latvia
Phone: +371 2655 2933
E-mail: undinebuka@gmail.com

Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia