Mothers and Others (Klātbūtne), dir. Liene Linde, Armands Začs, 58’, Latvia, to be released in 2020

What does it mean for a woman to take up the role of mother? The film follows four Latvian women during different stages of pregnancy. An ambitious dancer has to put her career on hold while being pregnant. A housewife expects her second child and fears postpartum depression recurring. An urban party girl becomes pregnant, decides to get married and move to the countryside to build a new home from scratch. A young entrepreneur and ex-punk welcomes her first child yet is haunted by traumatic events from her past. All four women offer a unique insider point of view of pregnancy, as part of the footage is shot by the protagonists themselves. They go through a mix of emotions, highlighting that pregnancy, contrary to mainstream representation, is not only about the child – it is about the mother, too.

Mothers and Others

To be released 2020

Cinematographer Reinis Aristovs
Editor Armands Začs
Sound Design Artis Dukaļskis
Composer Jānis Ruņģis
Producer Guntis Trekteris

Production Company 
Ego Media
Baznīcas street 8–20, Rīga LV1010, Latvia
Phone: +371 6729 1720

Supported by
State Culture Capital Foundation