Neon Spring (Neona pavasaris), dir. Matīss Kaža, 80’, Latvia, to be released in August 2022

Set in Riga’s blossoming electronic dance music scene and and based on true-life encounters, Rave is a techno-infused drama chronicling the relationships, experiences and problems of Latvian contemporary underground youth. After her parents get divorced, young artist Laine (21) has to practically take over being mom for her baby brother while attempting to juggle work, university and drugged up weekend parties at local underground raves. Laine’s life gets turned upside down when she falls for Gunda (22), a seasoned raver, and begins to question her sexuality and identity at a time when her family is falling apart. Laine finds her escape in the drugs, clubs, festivals and afterparties as she struggles to hold together her dissolving relationship with reality.

Neon Spring

To be released August, 2022

Scriptwriter Matīss Kaža
Main Cast Marija Luīze Meļķe, Grēta Trušiņa, Gerds Lapoška, Jānis Skutelis
Cinematographer Aleksandrs Grebņevs
Production Designer Rūdolfs Baltiņš
Editor Paula Popmane
Producers Matīss Kaža, Dace Siatkovska

Production Company 
Deep Sea Studios

Contact (Sales)
Magnolia Pictures
Marie Zeniter

Supported by
State Culture Capital Foundation