Pea Children (Zirņa bērni), dir. Dace Rīdūze, 14′, Latvia, 2020

Little peas sit hiding calm
In a warm and cozy pod –
In the mid of summer heat
Covered with a blanket heap.

Winter comes and then comes frost –
Breaks the warm and cozy bed,
All the blankets fall off them:
Little peas run bare and cold.

Films main characters are 8 pea children who live in their green pea pod; the story tells how they are interacting with the world and its other inhabitants in the context of natural cycles and laws. Characters are going through fun and musical adventures after they break out of their green pod house.

Pea Children

National Premiere May 2020

Scriptwriter Dace Rīdūze
Production Designer Ilze Kiršteina
Cinematographer Ēvalds Lācis
Editors Dace Rīdūze, Ēvalds Lācis
Sound Anrijs Krenbergs
Original Music Uldis Marhilēvičs
Producer Māris Putniņš
Production Company Film studio “Animacijas Brigade” Ltd

Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia