Rule of the Heart (Sirds likums), dir. Roze Stiebra, 65', Latvia, 2024

The king is getting ready for his daughter’s wedding and handing the crown to his future son-in-law, Prince Magnus. But a chance meeting between the princess and a circus artist in the palace garden threatens to disrupt the wedding plans. A gift that the artist gives the princess allows her to talk with the grass, the trees, the toads, and even start to remember her late mother. Soon Magnus must fight for his bride’s new-found heart.

Rule of the Heart

National Premiere February 1, 2024

Scriptwriter Matīss Gricmanis
Sound Director Matīss Krišjānis
Artist Aleksejs Naumovs
Producers Roberts Vinovskis, Dominiks Jarmakovičs
Production Company Studio Locomotive

Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia

Dominiks Jarmakovičs
+371 29928856