Sonata (Sonāte), dir. Andrew Desmond, 90′, France/Latvia, 2019

After being informed of the sudden death of her long lost composer father, a young virtuoso violinist, Rose, inherits an old mansion in which he used to live. There, she discovers her father’s final work: a mysterious music score marked with strange symbols. With the help of Charles, her agent and manager, she deciphers the symbols and, little by little, starts to unlock secrets concerning her father’s past, setting in motion the mechanisms of a sombre plan imagined since the very day she was born.


International Premiere March 2, 2019,  Fantasporto – Oporto International Film Festival
National Premiere October 31, 2019

Scriptwriters Andrew Desmond, Arthur Morin
Cinematographer Jānis Eglītis
Production Designer Audrius Dumikas
Main Cast Freya Tingley, Simon Abkarian, Rutger Hauer, James Laukner, James Kermack, Matt Barber
Producers Laurent Fumeron, Daniel Goroshko, Rodolphe Sanzé, Julien Loeffler,
Co-producers Aija Bērziņa, Alise Ģelze
Production Company The Project (France)
In Co-production with Featuristic Films (United Kingdom), CTB Film Company (Russia) and Tasse Film (Latvia)

Tasse Film
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Phone: +371 2615 6356

Supported by 
National Film Centre of Latvia
Riga Film Fund