Fiction, Soviet Milk (Mātes piens), dir. Ināra Kolmane, 110', Latvia, 2023

Young and promising doctor loses everything due to her conflict with the totalitarian Soviet regime – career, love for life and even mother’s instinct denying breast milk to her baby. However, the grown-up daughter becomes her only supporter who tries to help ease mother’s depression and learn to live in the depressive Soviet regime herself. The lifelines of mother and daughter flow in the occupied Soviet Latvia from 1945 to 1989 when the Soviet Union collapses. “I didn’t want to live and I didn’t want her to drink milk from a mother who doesn’t want to live.” The story is based on the bestseller Soviet Milk by the renown Latvian writer and more than 20 book author Nora Ikstena. Soviet Milk has been translated and published in more than 20 countries.

Mātes piens

To be released February 2023

Scriptwriter Arvis Kolmanis
Cinematographer Rolandas Leonavičius (Lithuania)
Production Designer Algirdas Garbačiauskas (Lithuania)
Director of Editing Michal Lansky (Czech Republic)
Sound Designer Arturas Pugačiauskas (Lithuania)
Main Cast Maija Doveika, Elīna Vaska, Rūta Kronberga
Producers Jānis Juhņēvičs, Marta Romanova-Jēkabsone
Executive Producers Ieva Majore, Cloé Garbay and Bastien Sirodot (Belgium)
Production Company Film Studio DEVIŅI
In Co-production with TET (Latvia)

Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia
State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia
Creative Europe MEDIA
City Council of Riga
Latvian Foundation Inc.

Marta Romanova-Jēkabsone
+371 2647 5178

World Sales Eyewell (Michael Werner)