Troubled Minds (Nemierīgie prāti), dir. Lauris Ābele, Raitis Ābele, 90’, Latvia/Poland, 2021

Brothers Robert and Martin are month away from their biggest yet contemporary art exhibition. To get creative juices flowing, Martin locks himself up in a dark 2 x 2 meter cube. Once out, his focus shifts and thru a series of bad ideas and sleepless nights both brothers lose control not only over their work but their brotherhood as well. As Martins’ behaviour becomes more and more extravagant, the tension between brothers turns unbearable. To seek tranquillity Martin escapes to very edge of the world - Saami Lapland. Robert is forced take a trip to find his eldest and bipolar brother. While Martin is dealing with his mental troubles, Robert takes over the ‘Don Quixote’s’ role to perform an art terror act at the Grand Opening. 

Troubled Minds

Scriptwriters Lauris Ābele, Raitis Ābele
Cinematographer Mārcis Ābele
Producers Lauris Ābele, Kristele Pudāne, Roberts Vinovskis

Production Company
Tritone Studio
Lāčplēša street 27-8, Rīga LV1011, Latvia
Phone: +371 29262777

In Co-Production with Arkana Studio (Poland)

Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia