Ulya (Uļa), dir. Viesturs Kairišs, 100', Latvia

A giant girl lives in a wild rural environment. When the modern world enters this isolated Russian Old Believer milieu, the girl is taken away and dragged into the world of professional sports. The aim does not differ much from that of a circus in the Middle Ages – to entertain audiences and exploit the limits of people’s mental and physical abilities. But the girl proves to have unbelievable willpower and athletic talent. She is able to adapt and triumph in this new world. This is the story of the famous basketball player Ulyana Semyonova.


Scriptwriters Viesturs Kairišs, Kārlis Arnolds Avots, Livia Ulman, Andris Feldmanis
Production Designer Ieva Jurjāne
Producer Guntis Trekteris
Production Company Ego Media

Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia

Guntis Trekteris
+371 6729 1720