Inokentijs Marpls. The Last of the Punks (Inokentijs Mārpls), dir. Aija Bley, 66′, 2020

“Inokentijs Marpls” is a Latvian punk rock band that was founded 30 years ago in the Soviet Latvia. At that time, the authorities persecuted all who did not conform to standards of the Soviet ideology. However, they managed to survive. The Soviet Union has collapsed; 30 years have passed. The band is active and, in their concerts, gathers fans of all ages. They still do not yet obey social rules as they criticize politicians and the consumer society. In 2018, the band members will celebrate their 50th birthdays and Latvia’s centenary. It is time for something grand – an ambitious concert tour. With each kilometre they are spending together on the road, the personal drama of every band member is getting deeper. How will the 50-year-old “youth” get on with their lives? How will the tour affect their relationship?

We Wanted to Change the World

National Premiere May 2020

Scriptwriter Aija Bley
Cinematographer Dainis Juraga
Editor Lāsma Ābele
Producers Marta Bite, Aija Bley

Production Company
On The Road

Supported by 
National Film Centre of Latvia