Hecuba (Hekabe), dir. Pēteris Krilovs, Iveta Budreviča, 75′, Latvia, to be released in 2021

Direct and meticulous observation of interpersonal relations is a classic subject in documentary films. In this film the title of which alludes to “Hamlet”, we will observe the birth of compassion in people. Compassion is something that has to be dealt with in very rigorous terms, something that needs to be stripped of the layers of clichés that this word has amassed over the years. Is it always a true feeling or just an imitation? How does a deep compassion spring forth? Who are the true “masters of compassion” and what are they like?

Shakespeare mentions Hecuba in the context of an actor´s skill to blend, “in a fiction, in a dream of passion”, with the character he or she plays. What does this psychotechnique – “in a fiction, in a dream of passion” – mean? Is it about putting oneself in somebody’s shoes? The camera will turn into an instrument of psychological analysis, focusing on the manifestations of compassion among close friends as well as strangers, in everyday settings as well as in emergency situations.


To be released in 2021

Scriptwriter Pēteris Krilovs
Cinematographer Valdis Celmiņš
Editor Julie Vinten
Producer Uldis Cekulis

Production Company
VFS Films
Lapu street 17, Rīga LV 1002, Latvija
Phone: +371 6750 3588
E-mail: vfs@vfs.lv

Supported by
National Film Centre of Latvia