A Latvian co-production – Nana Dzhordzadze’s upcoming film to be presented in Cannes

Film director Nana Dzhordzadze, the winner of Cannes film festival and a member of American and European Film Academies, will present her upcoming film “Rabbit’s Paw”, a Russian-Latvian-Finnish co-production, in Cannes.

The presentation of “Rabbit’s Paw” will take place at the Latvian Pavilion No. 209, Village International Pantiero on May 12th at 5 pm. Prior registration is not needed!

“Rabbit’s Paw”, which will start shooting in June 2018, is a Russian (Zebra), Latvian (Fa Filma) and Finnish (Greenlit) co-production, to be premiered in Autumn 2019/Spring 2020. It is a tale of love, of errors, of a yearning for each other, a tale told against the backdrop of changes from the 1990s to the present day.

For me it is an everlasting story of love which can never turn into everyday routine. ALYA and NIKA –  characters with different biographies, ways of life, the past and visions for the future. Their feelings are a fireball which burnt out a way in their destinies. They cannot live without each other but they can’t be together also They always get together and break up on the peak of emotions,” says director of the film Nana Dzordzadze.

Press-kit of “Rabbit’s Paw”

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Mila Kudryashova
Delegate producer